Panthers, Bears and Warriors band together

Juniors’ Panthers, Bears and Warriors band together to win cup!

The Heathside Year 9 football team – almost exclusively consisting of WC Juniors’ players – on Thursday 16th May, at Woking FC, won the District Cup. They played some outstanding football and ran out 6 – 1 winners. 

This was a shock when considering their final school league match against the same opponents, which was a tight and close affair and finished 2 – 2 on the Heathside school pitch. 
The Year 9 team, managed by Head of Sport, Ben Blake and coached by Juniors’ Chairman, Frank Scannella started the game in furious fashion and after taking the lead in the first few minutes never looked back. All the boys gave their best and contributed to this cup-run and victory and it would be wrong to name and to single out any individual. 
The boys have been a team all season long and deserve the reward of this triumph for their unstinting support of each other…especially when they were 3 – 4 down in the last 30 seconds of extra-time in the semi-final!!