Walton Casuals Leopards 2 vs Sutton United 3 

With an 11:30 kick off the leopard girls were ready to go when we arrived at the ground in Sutton.

The first half was a struggle for the leopards girls really having to work hard to keep that goal out of the Sutton goal.

Darcy proved to be a great choice of Defence for today’s game with her confidence on pitch really making the Sutton girls work .

Having 9 girls with us today we split the teams up into two groups first on field we had Daisy striker. Midfield left and Right was Kitty and Molly with Izzy L in goal . The other group was Izzy striker with Charlie and Poppy midfield, Ellie defence and Izzie L in goal.

The first half we watched some great football from both sides. The girls on both sides really had to work we finished first halt on 3-0 with Sutton being the better side. After cakes and a little team talk we started the second half with loads of team spirit.

The second half started fast with the defence on both sides really having to work. Daisy proved too much for Sutton with her superfeet running up the pitch to score a really cheeky little goal . Another attempt was made by Kitty tried to get in another goal but it was just wasn’t happening with Sutton really proving their defence to be too much . With only minutes to go Charlie and Izzys strong determination throughout the game came through and Charlie fought through to another goal, ending the match 3-2 to Sutton in high spirits.

Great work by every player Team Izzy L, Kitty, Ellie, Darcy, Charlie, Izzy, Molly, Poppy, Daisy .