The Leopards started the day early with a long journey over to Crystal Palace, 10 eager girls were ready to take on the first challenge of the season.

We’d been warned that Crystal Palace were tough.

To start the first 10 Minutes we had new player Molly in goal with Charlie, Kitty and Izzy covering the centre and Mid areas & Darcy in defence.

The game started off quite fast and the Leopards really pushed the top of the league team hard.

The Crystal palace girls were strong mid field and the ball was mostly in their possession until a cracking goal was cleared by a Palace girl.

After 5 minutes we took of Charlie and Darcy and brought on Daisy and Poppy.

This was Daisy first match with the Leopards and you could see the determination on her face when a palace girl tackled her.

With a few minutes to spare we had one go at the goal with a lovely set up across goal by Kitty and Charlie.An unlucky miss but great communication .

Palace cleared another goal just before the whistle.


The second half of the first half we have a little mix up of the girls Izzy L covering the goal with Kitty centre, Molly in defence and Charlie & Izzy covering the left and right Mids.

This was a tough quarter. The Palace girls were strong and their striker was on fire scoring 2 goals before the first 5 minutes. Kitty was out running Palace on the pitch but then having a tough time to get the ball across goal to any other Leopards.

We took of Charlie and Kitty and brought on Daisy and Abbey. The girls tried their hardest to get the ball through the hard Palace defence.Daisy really did shine today with her determination and strength .

After 6 minutes another goal sneaked into the goal for Palace Izzy L was right there but that ball wasn’t going anywhere but in the goal. The leopards kept up pace the girls managed to keep possession and send a great Pass to Molly who effortlessly  cleared the goal.

We ended this round more positive.


A decision to put Molly in goal was decided and taking the pitch position was Kitty centre and Charlie and Poppy mid left and right and dangerous feet Darcy in defence. By this point we were able to bring on and extra player due to a new FA rule.

We openly took  this opportunity to bring another on.The Palace girls were starting to get tired and the leopards fitness really pushed them along to really up the anti with the strong team.

There was no stopping kitty from running rings around palace with her calm ball control and her Aerobic fitness.

Daisy and izzy were swapped on after 5 minutes with Darcy and Charlie taking a seat on the bench.

Palace again pushed us with their amazing striker and cleared another 2 goals in this quarter. Mollys cracking dive for the ball was quite enough to stop the goal.


Last Quarter we started again with 6 Players due to the new FA rule.

Izzy in goal with Molly taking centre and Poppy & Kitty  taking the Mids.Daisy as striker and Darcy in defence.The Palace girls were really showing weakness at this point and the leopards were running rings around them. Kitty was strong up front and tried twice to score with an unlucky miss.

After only a few minutes left Charlie braved her tough marker and manage to sneak away and score a fantastic goal. This really lifted the girls spirits.


When the final whistle was blown we congratulated the Palace girls.

First match of the season and we played the top of the league and what a team effort that was.

Welcoming Daisy Camps and Molly Streets to the team