On Sunday the 31st March the U12 Stags drew 3-3 against Meadow Sports at The Hub, and in so doing clinched the Premier Division with two games to spare. 

The U12 Stags have been phenomenal this season, losing only one game – ironically against the team languishing at the bottom of the table. The U12 Stags acquitted themselves splendidly all season long with the defence only being breached a handful of times and with a scoring tally of around 40 goals. The team played with real purpose right from the start of September last year, helped with the introduction of 4 new players who integrated extremely well with the existing squad members. The introduction of Joe, James, Tomas and Lloyd seemed to spur existing team players; Lucas, Sami, Luca, Theo, Sam, Damian, Stan and Noah to new heights. The mix was so good that COSTA enquired how Manager Mike O’Sullivan and Coach Giovanni Ferraro had concocted the smooth blend!! It was so good in fact that every single one of the boys was able to contributed goals to help the team top the table. 

What was also really nice to see was how every opposing manager/coach complimented the Club on having such a well behaved and exciting team to watch. A team that played some outstanding football throughout the season, and a team that was able to reward every member with a man of the match trophy and a chance of captaining the team for the following game.

Now with two games to go – away at Fleet and Guildford – the boys can relax and enjoy the moment without (hopefully) taking their foot off the gas and look forward to their trophy and medal presentation in July at Kempton Racecourse!