The Panthers came out on top in an invitation match against Chelsea’s development Chinese partner squad this week.

In a seven-a-side match on a hot day, played on fantastic surface, the Panthers took on a talented Chelsea development partner squad from China, at St Johns School in Leatherhead.

Having only a single sub versus the 4 that their opponents had may have caused a problem for many teams, but the fitness levels of the Panthers proved worthy, even at this early preparation stage of the season.

Half way through the match, the Panthers had built up a 5-0 lead. For the last two quarters as Panthers moved some players around, their opponents found more opportunities to bring the game to a thrilling climax after 80 minutes to a 10-7 victory to the Panthers.

The performance should not be underestimated against a team that train together on a daily basis, so for the Panthers to continue where they left off last year bodes well for the coming season.